Roger means Integrated:

We work together with Schools, Children and their families, Teachers, Support Staff, and Hearing Care Professionals. Students with hearing loss, and using hearing aids, obtain their Roger accessories from the Provincial Resource Program - Auditory Outreach (PRP-AO). These accessories integrate seamlessly into the Roger SoundField speaker platform with a click of a single icon/button. Other sound field systems require lengthy patching which can eliminate the high frequency hearing levels (important speech intelligibility cues) and do not offer the Levelling feature for the students who need it the most.

Teachers of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing are responsible for ensuring that patching is completed properly, something proven to be not recommended. This takes away time from the Instructor if (s)he is waiting for any technical connection issues to be resolved by this Itinerant Teacher who, in turn, could be focusing on more important student-oriented responsibilities. The instantaneous, wireless and one-click integration of all sources and inputs to Roger devices makes it easy to use and highly efficient with essentially no down-time.

This benefit translates into business situations with the ease of use the system has. One Click Connection!

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