Roger means Innovative:

All listeners benefit from Roger SoundField's unique Leveling feature (increases/decreases volume of speaker based on rooms ambient noise levels) that allows the system to maintain the best Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of any sound field on the market, regardless of the classroom/presentation area noise level changing. The unique speaker array design will cover up to 3230 sq.ft. equally with just two speaker towers (DigiMaster 7000 speakers).

Roger is the only platform on the market that allows simultaneous multiple sound source inputs (instructor and multimedia sources) that can be heard by the regular listeners, persons with hearing loss and hearing aids at the same time.

Roger SoundField systems are the only Digitally Modulated systems (DM instead of FM) using 2.4 GHz Industry, Science, Medical (ISM) broadband. Roger SoundField out-performs all other systems that use limited FM or Infrared technology. Using frequency Hopping DM is how the system is closed from outside interference, even from other Roger SoundField systems. This enables Roger SoundField systems to be set up in closed groups, in the same room, and even back to back in a gymnasium if needed.

Roger SoundField is the only CADS (Classroom Audio Distribution System) that can integrate directly to hearing aid systems. It is the only CADS system designed with the Universal Design for Learning and Inclusion Principle.

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