Inspiro SoundField (discontinued)

inspiro soundfield picture

The Inspiro SoundField transmitter was second evolution of Primary Mics for the Roger SoundField platform. This is a more affordable and traditional design. It contains a built in iLapel Clip-Mic for ease of use.

The Inspiro SoundField can only be used with DigiMaster speakers, DigiMaster Xís, Pass-around mics, Audio Hubs, SF Touchscreens and other Inspiro SoundFields. The Inspiro SoundField will not connect to hearing aid receivers, the Roger Focus, regular Touchscreens, and Inspiro FM/Roger.

Now Discontinued. The replacement product mic is the SF Touchscreen.

Let us know if you wish to purchase our Inspiro stock. We still have a few left and they will be warrantied and serviced.

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