Teacher Ratings

Rina Simonchoni, Teacher, SD23, KLO Middle School, Kelowna BC:

"I was lucky to have the system because it saved me this year. I came back from work with my concussion and was working part time, it wasnít a strain to give instructions or overuse my voice. It gets the attention of the class quickly and helps them to focus. Iíve used other systems before and this is the best Iíve ever had for sure. There was one time when I was recovering from illness and couldnít get rid of my sore throat and dry cough, and it was such a saviour for that so I didnít have to strain my voice. You guys have probably made one of my most challenging years easier because of personal health issues. It saved my voice. Thank you so much for letting me use this system!"

In the study below, teachers at a primary school in New Zealand, used Roger Dynamic SoundField in their classrooms for an average of two months. They then each completed a questionnaire of 13 targeted questions with a response rate of 100%. The teachers reported a significant improvement in student performance when using Roger Dynamic SoundField, their own vocal strain was reduced, it was quieter in class, the equipment was easy to use and the sound quality was highly rated.

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