Advocacy Centre (OAAC)

In British Columbia, there are many parts to the care of students with diverse abilities. Schools have TDHHs, there’s public health and some private providers as well. We serve all of BC and support Public Health, TDHHs, and anyone involved with hearing care for kids with what they do and provide a second opinion when requested or needed.  We don’t just sell sound field systems to schools, we advocate for the hard of hearing student with Audiological underwriting from a Doctor of Audiology and a Clinical Audiologist and provide educational audiological support. We are collaborator-advocates who work with existing service providers to advocate best outcomes for kids as a professional courtesy and collegial support. 

With Roger SoundField systems, we can include everyone. For those who then obtain Roger loaned microphones and receivers from the Provincial Resource Program - Auditory Outreach, these speakers will integrate directly. For those with any kind of autism spectrum, attention deficit or processing diversity, the Roger speakers will work alone and especially with Personal Roger equipment specifically designed for these needs. We provide these products as well as hearing aids for kids who need them with a unique testing, treatment and technology experience.  At Ossicle we can provide holistic health with our clinical division and our soundfield division. Everyone benefits!

Presentations: this interactive chart shows what we offer. This interactive chart shows how the Auditory Advocacy Centre provides cohesion to a multi-faceted service model that is sometimes disconnected.

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Sometimes, the issue for some hard of hearing students that there are so many parts to their care that sometimes there is discontinuity and reduced benefit to the student. This can lead to reduced learning outcomes and a reduced auditory experience.That’s where we come in. We provide advocacy and support both clinically and in terms of technology.

We need your help!

Join us in advocacy for universal accessibility to sound.

Why is this important?

Because we believe all students benefit when BC Schools align with the Universal Design for Learning/Instruction mandate to allow all students of any ability, anywhere, anytime to have inclusive access to auditory instruction and associated media.

How can you help?

1. Get the word out about the Ossicle Auditory Advocacy Centre, UDL, Roger personal and Roger Sound field. Ask your Principal and School District to consider Roger Sound Field for the classroom.

2. Let your teachers, parents and TDHHs know about our Advocacy Centre.

What is Universal Design for Learning?

- all students obtain equal enhanced access to sound with speech cues, automatic self-levelling and integration into personal devices only available with Phonak Roger SoundField Speakers

- improves learning and educational outcomes for all students regardless of ability

- also integrates directly to technology for kids with diverse abilities including hearing loss, attention, processing or autism identifiers


Inclusion - Universal Design for Learning/Instruction for all 

Preparedness for Hard of Hearing Student at the District level

Diverse Abilities - autism spectrum, diverse attentional abilities, auditory processing 

Performance - learning outcome improvements of students and technology performance is unparalleled 

Advocacy - for all students to get the best auditory educational experience regardless of ability

We Provide...

- Diagnosis, Treatment, Auditory Care Planning, Patient Management and Educational Planning, Community Education and Advocacy for UDL, best standards of practice in paediatric and educational Audiology.

- We connect all constituents, advocate for transition to post-secondary and within K-12 classrooms and grades, best technology for the least price - because we are Roger Certified in both the Roger SoundField and the personal/clinical realm.

Our Process

1. Individual or interdisciplinary free consult for anyone involved with Hard of Hearing Student, 

2. Option for Parents/Caregivers to engage us as student advocate with all participants in care, remotely or at our Treatment Centre  in Kelowna

3. Advanced and comprehensive on-site clinical support in testing, treatments and technology for paediatrics and teens

4. Certified product store for purchases, service and support of lowest price Roger products highly discounted below list price 

Advocacy Includes...

OAAC advocates for education advocacy in the family, school and community by

- Complimenting Public Health - Public health represents the main pediatric starting point and our advocacy is for them to continue providing main audiological services to children in BC. If we can help shorten wait-times, provide services no longer offered by a particular region such as Auditory Processing Disorder testing and treatment, or ABRs - we can compliment what they are doing, advocate with them for parents of Hard of Hearing Students or just be a resource in the community. We are supports to existing care structures. 

- All students - Everyone benefits from the Roger SoundField system - DigiMaster 7000 speakers - purchased by schools/districts or post-secondary institutions. 

- Hard of Hearing Student (HoH Student) - Personal Roger, integration with PRP-AO product, education and advocacy in the family, school and community.

- Students with diverse attention, autism spectrum or auditory processing abilities - Personal Roger, educational and implementation support for educators and family and associated student support services. 

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