Ossicle SoundField Solutions proudly presents Roger Dynamic SoundField by Phonak

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We are passionate about universal access to sound in all environments. This is what Roger SoundField systems do. We are also passionate about using this universal design for users of personal hearing technology such as hearing aids. That is what our audiological clinical initiative offers. We make the whole thing work for all. 

Roger SoundField speakers are the only universal design amplification systems with many automatic features not offered by any other system.  These speakers are designed to bring best audibility in all situations. In educational contexts, this system works for all kids for focus, helps those with auditory processing disorder or those on the autism spectrum. Click the image to learn more. These speakers also integrate in any context with hearing aid users, and in the educational context with kids using Provincial Resource Auditory Outreach Program microphones and their own personal Roger microphones. 

Sound fields are critical in many environments to help hear clearly. Roger SoundField Systems are produced by Phonak. Designed for schoolsbusiness conference rooms and hospitality/banquet environments including retirement residences and churches. It improves the hearing in a learning environment for the entire listening audience by improving the sound amplification and clarity. Designed specifically for speech, Roger SoundField greatly enhances speech understanding and cognitive recognition within the sound field. Roger SoundField systems are portable, requires almost no set up, fully wireless, completely closed/independent system (no outside interference), and can be fully integrated for those with normal hearing, hearing change, personal hearing aids and for the people who need an audiological hand up for understanding. Designed for seamless integration means a Universal Design. Ossicle SoundField Solutions distributes to all of BC except the Lower Mainland.

Ossicle Soundfield Solutions were first contacted early in 2018 and Sean came out to our church to evaluate what we required to improve our sound system from the current 40 year old one.  Church Council were very pleased with how the Ossicle system easily integrated into our current system improving the sound dramatically and keeping within budget.  Sean has been a great help training us how to use the system! The system is easy to set up and use!! Has improved our hearing assistance system immensely!!! Microphones are great! Portability of the system is a great feature!! We strongly recommend this product and company for delivering a great product.

David J. Flamank, Chair – Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church

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We provide service and training on Roger SoundField equipment at Ossicle SoundField Solutions (OSS). OSS has access to a Doctor of Audiology, Dr Markus Hilbert Au.D, to work with Teachers of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, students using hearing aids from the Ministry Of Education and everyone who needs a leg up to hear more clearly. So that despite large workloads and divergent needs, Ossicle SoundField Solutions, with Ossicle Hearing & Tinnitus Treatment Centre, bridges challenges to get everyone hearing better, quicker and with a full support network you won’t find anywhere else!

Roger Dynamic Soundfield can do more than any other soundfield amplification system or technology including infrared and FM.

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