Introducing Ossicle SoundField Solutions

Sound fields are critical in many environments to help hear clearly. Roger SoundField System are produced by Phonak. Designed for schools, business conference rooms and hospitality/banquet environments. It improves the hearing in a learning environment for the entire listening audience by improving the sound amplification and clarity. Designed specifically for speech, Roger SoundField greatly enhances speech understanding and cognitive recognition within the sound field. Roger SoundField systems are portable, requires almost no set up, fully wireless, completely closed/independent system (no outside interference), and can be fully integrated for those with normal hearing, hearing change, personal hearing aids and for the people who need an audiological hand up for understanding. Designed for seamless integration means a Universal Design. Ossicle SoundField Solutions distributes to all of BC except the Lower Mainland. 

We provide, service and training on Roger SoundField equipment at Ossicle SoundField Solutions (OSS). OSS has access to a Doctor of Audiology, Dr Markus Hilbert Au.D, to work with Teachers of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, students using hearing aids from the Ministry Of Education and everyone who needs a leg up to hear more clearly. So that despite large workloads and divergent needs, Ossicle SoundField Solutions, with Ossicle Hearing & Tinnitus Treatment Centre, bridges challenges to get everyone hearing better, quicker and with a full support network you won’t find anywhere else!

Roger SoundField is the only sound field system that provides government legislated Universal Accessibility. “Universal Design for Instruction” (UDI) is a mandated educational principle that, in terms of hearing, includes everyone, everywhere and always in the education system. This concept includes solutions for the instructor/presenter (reduction in vocal strain, lower classroom noise levels which creates better student focus) and solutions for the students with normal hearing or the students with any form of hearing loss. Roger SoundField is the only UDI platform recognized as a 100% compliant with the mandate.

All listeners benefit from Roger SoundFields unique “Leveling” feature (increases/decreases volume of speaker based on rooms ambient noise levels) that allows the system to maintain the best “Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of any sound field on the market regardless of the classroom/presentation area noise level changing. The unique speaker array design will cover up to 3000 sq ft equally with just two speaker towers (Digimaster 7000 speakers).

We work in Schools with kids and their families, teachers and support staff. Students with hearing loss, and using hearing aids, obtain their accessories from the Provincial Resource Program (PRP). These accessories integrate seamlessly into the Roger platform with a click of a single icon/button. Other sound field systems require lengthy patching which can eliminate the high frequency hearing levels (important speech intelligibility cues) and do not offer the “Leveling” feature for the students who need it the most.

Roger Principles

Teacher Assistants of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing are responsible for ensuring that patching is completed. This takes time away from the Instructor if (s)he is waiting for any technical connection issues to be resolved by the Teaching Assistant who, in turn, would be focusing on more important student-oriented responsibilities. The instantaneous, wireless and one-click integration of all sources and inputs to Roger devices makes it easy to use and highly efficient. This benefit translates into business situations with the ease of use the system has. One Click Connection!

Roger is the only platform on the market that allows simultaneous multiple sound source inputs (instructor, group conversations, pass-around mic users and multi-media sources) that can be heard by the regular listeners, persons with hearing loss and hearing aids at the same time.

Roger SoundField systems are the only Digitally Modulated (DM instead of FM) (2.4 GHz Industry, Science, Medical (ISM) broadband), fully integrated and fully accessible systems (UDI) available. Roger SoundField out-performs all other systems that use limited FM or infra-red technology. Using frequency “Hopping” DM is how the system is closed from outside interference, even from other Roger SoundField systems. This enables Roger SoundField systems to be set up in closed groups, in the same room, and even back to back in a gymnasium if needed.

At Ossicle SoundField Solutions We Strive To Give Hearing Excellence To Everyone, Everywhere, Every time. Simply simple!

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